Simple and Affordable Ways to Upgrade a Caravan

22 June 2017
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If you have a caravan that is a bit older and perhaps not looking the best, but which is still very functional for you and your family, you don't need to get rid of it just yet. Usually a few simple upgrades and fixes are all that's needed to improve your caravan's overall appearance, and make it more welcoming and inviting. Note a few simple and affordable ways to do this in your caravan.


If the caravan subfloor is in good condition, you can simply buy some peel-and-stick vinyl tile to upgrade the look of the flooring. A lighter colour or a design that looks like stone can make your caravan seem cleaner and more modern, and will also hide old, outdated, scuffed floor tiles.


If your caravan has vinyl walls, you can cover these and give the van's interior a fresh, updated look. Opt for a latex paint meant for vinyl, as this will have good adhesion that's needed for those walls. You also want a paint that resists humidity, as moisture can easily build up in the small interior of a caravan.

Consider a colour that fits with your typical use of a caravan, such as a sandy tan for beach goers or a nice hunter green for those who camp in the forest. For a very modern and unique look, you might paint the walls white and then add a strong, bold stripe that runs horizontally around the interior; choose black for a very modern look, or simply a colour that matches the caravan furniture.


As with the interior, you can paint the exterior of your caravan for a fresh, new look. Sand down any rusted areas and fill in gaps and holes properly, and prime the caravan before painting. Use a paint gun so that the paint applies evenly, and give the van enough time to dry before you use it. A caravan accessory store, like Carac Trailers, can also recommend the right type of paint to use so that it doesn't get damaged from mud, dirt, and summertime sun.


Reupholstering the bench seating in your caravan is relatively easy and affordable; opt for durable canvass or cotton fabric, and use a staple gun to simply staple it to the underside of cushions. For wood benches, sand them down and use a latex paint to repaint them. You can also find new couches and other caravan furniture pieces that are very affordable, and replacing old and worn pieces can mean a caravan interior that looks its best and is more comfortable overall.