Preparing for Your First Stay in a Caravan

11 September 2019
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When you're new to caravanning, you may feel as though there's a lot to think about. With all the freedom and fun that owning a caravan affords, investing in one is one of the best things you can do for your leisure time. Before you head on your first adventure, it's time to consider what you need to prepare.

Learn how everything connects

If you're heading to a caravan park with the aim of connecting to the facilities there, make sure you familiarise yourself with your caravan. Learn how to connect to electric supplies, plug in the gas, and clear out the toilet. Most importantly of all, make sure you know how to attach your caravan to your car and unhook it again. Understanding how these things work ahead of your arrival will prevent you from feeling frustrated at the park itself. Saving frustration now is especially important when you have a long journey ahead.

Create a list of essentials

Although it's tempting to fill your caravan with everything you need for your stay before you set off, it isn't practical. Items will move around while you're on the road, so only pack the essentials. Those essentials could include things to eat off and with, food for the first couple of days, and safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher. After storing the essentials in your caravan, make sure you seal drawers closed and lock cupboards. Perform a final check ahead of your journey; otherwise, you may arrive to find more mess than you'd expected.

Plan your route and fill your car

Towing a caravan requires slow and careful driving. It may take a little while to get used to it, but you'll get there in the end. One way to make the process easier is to plan your route and leave plenty of time to get there. When there's no time pressure, you won't feel frustrated. Additionally, make sure you fill up your tank. Adding all that extra weight to your car means you'll burn through petrol much faster than you'd expect. If the route to your caravan park is particularly remote, make sure you have a well-sealed can of petrol on hand for emergencies.

With a little planning and paying attention to the essentials, you can your first stay at a caravan park will be a happy one. Providing you have the essentials, there's a strong chance you can purchase anything you may have forgotten once you arrive at your destination. Contact a caravan park in your location in order to learn more.